About the Advocacy Network

Mental Health America’s Advocacy Network is a powerful voice for change that is made up of thousands of individuals nationwide who take an active role in protecting America’s mental health through legislative advocacy. Because of the support individuals like you, we have won major victories such as the recently enacted Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity Act. Together, we speak out and make our voice heard on equal access to care, federal funding, treatment and prevention. Join our movement by signing up today!

For updates and progress, please view our legislative and policy resources, action alerts and Advocacy newsletters and issue updates.

Public Policy and Advocacy:

Our Public Policy and Advocacy work supports efforts and seeks actions at the congressional and state levels that promote mental health and ensure an integrated, comprehensive and accessible system of care for individuals with mental health or substance use conditions.

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Through our advocacy network—from Capitol Hill to state capitals—Mental Health America is showing policy makers that mental health is the stepping to stone to healthy and productive lives, workplaces and communities. To achieve progress, it takes resources and people.

We have put mental health on the national agenda. Now, we want to make sure those whose lives are affected by the decisions made in Washington and around the country are represented. Your support makes the difference in winning the changes we need.

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