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Dear friends,

As most of you have heard, our dear, sweet Eddie took his life on Thursday, November 11, 2010. He was so very tired of the torment that he lived with everyday. He just couldn't bear it any longer. Knowing how much he loved Mary, Ben & me there is no doubt that it was more pain than the strongest person in the world could endure day after day after day. I have loved him for 30 years and in spite of the difficulty that his disease presented, I wouldn't trade the time we had together for anything in the world. I am so grateful that I had the gift of him for so long. He is my soulmate and my soul is so very broken today.

He was a perfect father. He encouraged Mary and Ben in exactly the right individual ways. Their loss is so huge there are no words to express it. He was the perfect friend. He has the most amazing list of friends from all walks of life, from all political ideologies, from all religions. He embraced everyone with a "one of a kind" love that oozed out of him effortlessly. He could make us laugh, even when he was being tortured inside by an unfathomable disease. He was and always will be the greatest person I've ever known.

His depression was relentless and, for the last year, it was almost totally resistant to treatment. So he was held in its grip every minute. It wore him down. He fought the good fight as long as he could. No one should judge him for this. He really tried to stay with us. He endured so much and he tried every solution anyone offered over and over again.

The only good thing about his passing is that he is finally at peace and without pain. And he deserves to be free at last. He suffered so much and tried to stay with us. He really did.

We all have our memories of him and we all know how much he enhanced our lives. He changed us all. He made the world a better place. We will all miss him so much.

Thank you all for loving him so well. Thank you for reaching out to help our family recover. And eventually, recover, we will. Our promise to each other is to move forward with our lives and be happy. Because that is exactly what Eddie wants us to do. His "Eddieness" will be with us always. We are so incredibly grateful to have had him so close to us for so many years.

Much love to all,

Patti Horst

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Thu, Jan 07, 2016
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Marsha Washington George
Sat, Oct 11, 2014
I didn't know until today that he passed. God Bless! We worked on the Alley Pat Documentary and he was very nice.

Tue, May 10, 2011
ED, and I were great friends in HS. He played in an excellent rock band with me for 2+ years and was the finest muscian I ever played with.... then and now.He had humor every day and he relished life. I guess peopel fall apart as lives diversify but he was always in my thouight and I just saw Butch Feeser, yesterday and learned of this loss. My thoughts and prayers are to the family, for Ed will always be in mine. His best I saw[and he hated the copy] was duplicating Jon Lord's album version of Deep Purple's Hush when he was a high school senior. Correct...exact and perfect ...just like Ed always strived for.Amen brother, we will meet again! Skip

Joanna Huett
Tue, Dec 28, 2010
I just learned of Eddie's death. I am heartbroken.
I knew him when I worked at Crawford Communications some years ago. He heard me sing at the holiday party and was very enthusiastic over my voice. He took precious time out of his busy day to advise me on putting a demo together for TV music vocal work. I didn't have the drive to pursue it, but working with Eddie was a delight. I always loved seeing him in the halls. He was always smiling.
I, too, have suffered from depression. I still can't understand why such brilliance has to reside with such pain.
I will sing a bit more and a bit louder from now on, in Eddie's honor. God Bless his family.

Ricardo Abelleyra
Wed, Dec 01, 2010
I will miss you Maestro

Cheryl Rogers
Mon, Nov 22, 2010
Dearest Patti, Mary and Ben,
Your dad and hustband was one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. He was crazy talented, crazy funny and made everyone feel special and loved. I was honored all those years ago to meet both Eddie and Patti through the Doppler family and loved the Christmas parties, sessions and times we were together.
I knew of Eddie's horrible battle with this disease but didn't know how bad the last year had gotten. He had to be so very strong to have fought it for so long. He called me back in Sept. and I am so very thankful we had a chance to talk. It had been a long time. He was working on an arrangement of "Amazing Grace" and I see now how ironic that was. He is now experiencing that amazing grace in person and we that knew him were touched by his grace and amazing spririt as well.
I pray for strength and comfort through these difficult times. He is at peace finally and I hope you can find peace in knowing that.
With all my heart,
Cheryl Rogers

Betty Carlisle
Fri, Nov 19, 2010
Patti, I just want you and everyone to know my admiration for your courage and strength, and my gratitude for your openly sharing of the truth and pain of mental illness. It is just that...an illness; a disease. The history of its stigma and shame is finally being changed and understood and acknowledged with respect and kindness. There is still a long way to go in reducing the uneducated fear and blind eye that is most often the case.
Eddie was such a shining star in the world, for everyone who ever met him. Talent, success, kindness, humor and the biggest heart ever; yet his private inward struggle was known only to those closest to him. I pray that everyone will take advantage of this website and any other information they can find to become more educated and comfortable with talking about mental illness. It truly does affect everyone on some level, as it is so private and hidden that you just never know who may be suffering. My prayers for you and your family in your recovery and for all the people who live with this in their lives. Eddie was a great treasure and I know his life will continue to make a difference in this world. We can't thank him enough.
I love you all, Betty

Reid Bacon
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
I'll miss Eddie. He has always been one of the good guys.

Robert Calvino
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
Siempre nos ha dado una sonrisa y nos ha hecho sonreir como pocas personas lo pueden hacer, lo extrañaremos muchisimo porque era una muy buena persona, sincera, espontanea y muy ocurrente. Un gran abrazo a este gran amigo.
Always has a smile and made us smile as few people can do, we will miss him a lot because it was a very nice person, sincere, spontaneous and very witty. A big hug to this great friend.
Como se dice en mi tierra de origen, argentina, el era un loco lindo!!!!
As they we in my native land, Argentina, He was a pretty crazy!!!! or crazy cute!!!!!

Ernesto Schirmer
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
I am completely speechless. I just recieved the terrible news, I am so very sorry for the loss, my prayers go to his family. I had the pleasure to know him and work with him during my years at LAPTV, he always had a joke at hand or a smart remark to make me smile, I will miss him a great deal.
May he rest in peace.

Carol Riley
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
Dear Patti, Mary, and Ben,
I simply cannot express how sad I am to learn the news of Eddie's passing. I worked at Crawford many, many years ago, as did my husband, and Eddie was often present all around the building, seemingly any hour of the day or night. He would never fail to flash that sweet smile, or share a joke or funny story with you, and it never failed to raise my spirits or make me laugh if I was having a hectic day. He was just one of those people that you were always happy to see, no matter what. He was always generous about sharing his knowledge about composing, and about his work; such a talented and special person. Patti, what you have written here is so eloquent, and so touching; it is very kind of you to share such personal thoughts at such a difficult time. I'm pretty sure my Jim and Eddie are already hanging out, as Jim was tremendously fond of Eddie as well. :) Much Love, Carol Riley

Rogerio Aranda
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
Gracias amigo, por lograr una sonrisa en nuestro rostro cada vez que nos topamos contigo, aun cuando esa sonrisa eludía tu corazón.
En las playas de México el sonido de las olas hace eco al llanto por tu ausencia.
Thanks dear friend, for always manifesting a smile on our faces everytime we crossed your path, Eventough that same smile eluded your heart.
In the beaches of Mexico the sound of the waves echoes our cry for your absence.

Mary Donny
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
Dear Loved Ones of Ed,
I am sorry I have never met any of you. I know you must wonderful, smart, funny, kind, interesting and interested people...because those are just some of the qualities that Eddie had.
Many years ago, Ed was my first true crush. I was 10 years old and he was a friend of my older sister's and hung out at our house. He opened my world to physics (marble machines!),auction houses, climbing poles for telephone insulators, the Dune Triology, ragtime music and more importantly, the fact that people of all ages can be interesting. My knees still bear witness to my repeated crashes on his unicycle. I idolized him and he kindly responded by treating me (and my crush), with respect. I cannot express how much joy and fun he brought to me, my sisters and mother. I know he has done that for so many people throughout his life as you eloquently write in your letter.
I am so sorry that he had to suffer from unrelenting depression for so long. And I am so sorry for your heartbreaking loss of a wonderful husband and father. Over the years, he wrote so lovingly of all of you in his letters to my mother. He took such delight in Mary and Ben and wrote of their development with great pride. Thank you for letting me share my memories with you.
With sincere condolences,
Mary Donny

Susan Ruark
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
Dear Horsts,
I have not seen Ed since high school in Biglerville, PA where my sister was one of his close friends. He often came to our house to add to my mother's collection of telephone insulators. As you say, he was a light of love to all around him.
When Nancy called to say that he was gone, I pictured his quirky smile, and then there he was, beaming out from the page on this website, just as I recall.
Thank-you for this wonderful letter and the testimony of his life.May you receive blessings on your path back to joy.
Susan Donny Ruark

Stan Henley
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
I am stunned. God bless you and your family.

Lance Lipman
Thu, Nov 18, 2010
I'm so sorry I won't be able to attend the service. Please know that Eddie and his family are in my thoughts every day and I wish you peace. We all miss him so much.

Gerry Domal
Wed, Nov 17, 2010
Que Dios te bendiga Eddie
God bless you Eddie

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