Caryl Luise Herfort

Caryl Luise Herfort

Caryl Luise Herfort

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February 21, 1963 - May 17, 2002

Caryl's Mom and Dad first met in the Joker Bar in Dallas. She was introduced as George but her original name was Patsy Virgin.

Caryl's interest in art began in high school and continued through the mentorship of Cathie Tyler in Paris,Texas through stays at Lubbock, Denton and Madison, Wisconsin.

Caryl progressed through the Dallas Observer, Two Women Boxing, Silver Buckle Press, Book Lab and Roto Printing. Her goal was to be a true artist and I believe she achieved it. - David Herfort, father

Caryl was my sister. She suffered from bi-polar disorder from her early teens.....she was 39 when she chose death over life. If you had known her, you would certainly have been charmed by her artistic talent, her yen for cooking, and her love for animals.

Outwardly, her soul seemed to be laced with all things good and beautiful. Inwardly, however, my family has come to know the pain, sadness, and suffering that this terrible affliction called bi-polar caused her.

Caryl was continually at war with this disease; ever-hoping that she could pull out of it's grips without the help of medication or therapy. She won many battles through the years, but ultimately lost the war. In the end, we're left with the memories of her struggles, memories of her triumphs, and memories of all things she found beauty in despite her illness.

We now look for ways to co-exist with her decision to end her life. If you know someone with manic-depression, please know that, without consistent treatment, this disease is progressive and will ultimately devour it's victim. With treatment, the illness can be managed and there is hope.

Our prayer for Caryl is that she is now flying with the angels, freed from her suffering. Caryl, we miss you. - Krista Herfort, sister

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