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Sara Eisenhauer Mathis

Sara Eisenhauer Mathis

Sara Eisenhauer Mathis

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November 27, 1951 - December 21, 2003

Sara Elizabeth Eisenhauer Mathis was born on November 27, 1951 to Rosemary and the late Louis Charles Eisenhauer. Sara was the oldest of four children. Her sisters, Tara and Rachel and brother Drew followed. Sara was raised in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and attended Baltimore County public schools where she was an able and promising student. She also pursued many interests while growing up. These included the Brownie Scouts and summer sessions at Camp Shadowbrook. Sara took piano lessons in school and studied for a year under Renaldo Reyes at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore City.

In 1966-67 Sara attended St. Andrew’s (High) School in Surrey, England. Upon her family’s return to the US, Sara enrolled at Seton High School on North Charles Street in Baltimore City, where she completed her high school education. A year of college followed at the University of Maryland. Then Sara married to begin her own family. From her first marriage Sara had two children, Christopher and Jessica and from her second marriage to John Mathis, she had three children, Elijah, John, and Tyrone. But sadly, Sara’s diagnosed mental illness, schizophrenia, robbed her of the opportunity to enjoy a full and normal family life.

Despite her devastating illness, Sara found the strength in recent years to become a spokesperson for the Disabled in Texas which had been her home for the past 27 years. She appeared on several talk shows and testified in court cases.

On December 21, 2003, Sara died suddenly of an acute respiratory infection with complications at her home in Temple, Texas. She was 52 years old.


In Loving Memory - Tara Eisenhauer Ebersole , sister


Today, January 18, 2004, we had your memorial service in Catonsville, Maryland. You would have been pleased. Your cousin Kenny spoke of his love for you with a funny remembrance from childhood. Your cousin Jay played the piano beautifully in your honor. Your Aunt Pat and Uncle John, Aunt Carol and Uncle Jack, Cousins Michael, Bobby, Missy, Verna Joe and Kathy were also there as well as nieces and nephews that you never met. Tara and Drew were there and me too, your sister, Rachel.

We remembered the best years and the best of you but noting that mental illness robbed you of your wonderful qualities. And for too long, I was too angry and frightened by your mental illness to get past the bad to still see the good and see the human being beyond the illness. And now it's too late...forgive me...

However, my promise to you is that I'll reach out to those in my community that need help. And that process has already begun with volunteer work at the Lighthouse Homeless Shelter in Annapolis.

And we'll also try to be here for your children when they are ready. We are already getting to know Jessica. She is a lovely woman. And the boys will come around when they are ready.

And Sara, I know you are at peace more pain and heartache and you are with Daddy and Nana and Grandmother Eisenhauer and others waiting for you.

Rest now in eternal peace and love, you deserve it.

Love, Rachel - Rachel Eisenhauer, sister

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